“The friendliest saloon
this side of the Dunes!”

Home of Lichyard Libations Distilling

Faerie | Goblet Ward 21 | Plot 57
(Southwest Subdivision)
Open Saturdays, 4:00- 7:00pm EST
Closed for Summer Vacation! (see ya'll 8/3!)



((OOC Note: In the interests of sparing our inventory and yours, respecting your bank, along with giving us some culinary liberties, Food & Drink Gil transactions will be RP-only. You may tip us as appreciation for providing the vibes, but this is totally optional-
We want to welcome you inclusively and ease the pressure off exchanging in-game items, so we can focus on having a fun time.))

An authentic Heritage Spirit of Eastern Thanalan, Lichyard Libations Nopales Moonshine is a potent hooch that has a slippery, syrupy mouthfeel and a wicked "Sting of 1000 Needles" on the backend, traditionally enjoyed by aldgoat herders who wish to forget they're aldgoat herders.This regional favorite is made from a mash bill of locally sourced Prickly Pear Pads & Millioncorn, fermented and twice-distilled, then set beneath the sands for three moons in charred acacia barrels. We are proud to feature our trademark here in most of our house cocktails.Coming soon...
The Barreltender
Guess what'll be pouring by the end of summer!

Sabotender Shooter - Salt-Rimmed shot w. Sun Lemon.
The traditional preparation.
Corrido - Named for ballads sung of gunslingers on the sands, this is the classic Sabotender ordered up six-shooter style, with pepper sauce, each shot adding a progressively bigger hit of the spice.
Share the round with friends, or knock yourself flat!
Dorador- Golden Cieldalaes pineapple-infused moonshine, served on shaved ice & freshly galago-minted.Loqua-cious Luchador - Inspired by Turali-Style Free Fighting, this loquat and lichyard combo-wombo is wrestling for your attention!Bailarina - Muddled rolanberry, sweet mint & effervescent south shroud spring water, topped with just a gentle floater of ‘shine. Easy & sweet, sure to inspire dancin’ feet.Gigantender - A supersized tankard of lemonade and tea, addled with a heavy pour of Lichyard. Packs a whallop.Sagolii Sunrise - Fresh-squeezed ombre layers of La Noscean & Blood Orange juices, mingled with moonshine.Moondori Sour - Thundermelon Liqueur, Bitter Lemon & Moonshine. Shockingly delicious?!Bloody Momodi - Red ale with tomato juice, pepper sauce and a house blend of 12 secret spices. Worm salt on the rim. Guaranteed to kick a hangover.Tapped CasksSummerford Waving Wheat - A ‘sessionable’ golden farm ale, bursting with the hazy sunshine of citrus and coriander, served with a La Noscean orange wheel.Rhalgar's Rye - A bitter pale ale crafted by a scrappy trio of Ala Mhigan homebrewers from Lost Hope, aggressively flavored with ginger root and Sagolii sage, with a doubly spicy finish of Horizon rye malts.Bubblypots’ SootStout - Dark and hearty, a unique Mutamix creation born of melding toasted malts and lightly smoked Kukuru bean nibs. Aged in Blackbrush Bourbon casks.

Wine & Other Spirits
Sil'dihn Sangria- Just look what we've unearthed! A pitcher of ruby red wine (supplied by our friends at Greystone Cellars, loaded with sliced fruits and honeyYedlihmad Palm Wine - A Thavnarian import, cloudy white, made from fermented coconut palm sap“Hellsbrewed” Honey Wine - A local mead made from Myrmidon ant honeydewLady Almondine - A dark, cold-brewed coffee cocktail, made with slow-steeped coldbrew coffee & then blended with sweet apricot kernel cordial.Maplebear Whiskey - the pride of distiller Leo Valace, this aromatic bourbon is carefully aged in charred oak barrels.
Bit more of a smooth sippin' whiskey proper, than the 'shine.

Refreshments (Non-Alcoholic)

Agua Frescas - Chilled water blended with fresh fruits
and a hint of galago mint
Thundermelon * Dragonfruit * Rolanberry * Tuna (Prickly Pear)
Mulled Sun Tea - Harvested just south of the Forgotten Springs, naturally sweet, brewed with a spice sachet, & served chilled.

Thanalan Ruby - (Supplied by The Azure Oasis ) - Artisanal water sourced from the Burgundy Falls, accented with sweet alyssum oil. A bold, rich taste with a hint of honey

News Corner

Word on the Cobbles:We will be closed for Summer Vacation
from 6/29-7/27, resuming business on 8/3
We have a fellowship, the Cactuar Cantina, which you can join via the fellowship finder, or ask Ruckus or Pakeke for an invite.


Get the hottest Eorzean gossip from these publications!The Black Cat - A Cryptid-Hunter's Zine
PoPoTO Magazine (Issue 10: A Glamourous Life)
The Aether Entertainer - (6/30)
Our Potluck attendees are Featured in this issue!

A big thank you & cheers to Haerzhal Irynbergasyn of Ironkind crafting collective, for assistance with the Cantina's construction!
You help us raise the rafters.

Friends of the Cantina,
Vetted and ne'r Regretted:

  • The Azure Oasis - An artisinal water bar & bath, helmed by a dear avuncular fellow with a heart of gold. Quintessentially Ul'dahn.

  • Broceliande - A charming bistro with impeccable service, delicious food, and lively chatter.

  • The Bottom Line - Our early-evening chaos haven. Join us here after our own service hours. Try the eel

  • Crossroads Conversations - A nexus of connections, Lady Karilan Black's lounge and social supper hub.

  • -NEW~ Creuset - A restaurant group of four lively eateries.. Cactuar Cantina is a proud new affiliate! Check 'em all out, you're sure to find a spot you love.
    The Tusk | Red Lantern | Sweet Beans | Kujaku Smoke Lounge

  • The Desert Jewel - An elegant gem of a Thanalanian nightspot, home of the Ruby Bazaar Free Company, run by enigmatic Minah and stalwart chef Makkon.

  • Farmers' Attic - A sunday morning Farmer's Market & Artisan Co-op. Wholesome. Organic. Community-minded.

  • Empyrean Apocrypha - Nothing on our shelves catches your eye? Give the curious collection in this labyrinthine library a try.

  • Honeystone Cantina - A Gyr Abanian waystation in Castrum Oriens, where your road-weariness will be met by the warm hospitality of Magnificent Bee.

  • Kindhome - A cozy cocktail bar, nestled beneath the company offices of The Ironkind Commercial Collective. (Ruckus's Free Company!)

  • Port Bazaar, a Hannish-themed Night Market here in the Goblet! (Ruckus keeps a food stall here called Meyhannish.

  • Tanria Travelling Teahouse A traveling Ala Mhigan teahouse, run by twin sisters, out of a tent along the old caravan roads of Gyr Abania.

  • Trionfi Lounge - Our late-night star bar. Divining, Jazz, elegant cocktails.

  • The Sprightly Spriggan - A glowing cavern full of fuzzy dust bunny friends, featuring music from house band, Raevyn and the Miqo'tones

  • Starlight Tailoring - Looking for the perfect custom fit? Our friend Hikaru Arius'll set you right up.

  • Wanderer's Respite - A friendly tavern with an open stage.

  • Wyrm's Wing - A welcoming tavern to warm the soul through cold Coerthan evenings.

  • Sandglass Cafe & The Warden's Garden - A lively conversational salon for intellectual gatherings & sweet flower shop with tearoom, run by a charming couple heading up the Diamond Bazaar.

Your Friendly Local SaBartenders

Cactuar Cantina is a joint business venture started up by Ruckus Fiddlesticks & Pakeke Pake. Their fast-forged friendship was formed earlier this spring, when Ruckus became a “regular-regular” of the Desert’s Refuge and invited Pakeke to attend his lectures at Honesis Institute on poetry and Lalafellin linguistics. Since then, they’ve become loyally mutual patrons, oft seen at each other’s workplaces and known to barhop Eorzean venues as a dynamic duo. Upon acquiring land in the Goblet, it seemed a sensible stroke of fate to join forces and welcome friends old and yet unfound to a laid-back, shared place to brush the sand off their spurs and catch the latest word on the Ul’dahn cobbles.

Ruckus Fiddlesticks is an East Thanalan native, born to mixed Dunes and Plainsfolk heritage. Affable and laughable, most who find themselves caught up in the whirlwind of his chatter find his nature unforgettably friend-shaped. Prior to the Calamity, his folks ran a popular caravan stop out at the Golden Bazaar, famous for turning the local roadside pests into tasty tacos. Adventuring for several years to scratch that wanderer’s itch, Ruckus has discovered that despite many malms traveled, he is a hometown boy at heart, and has since dedicated himself to revitalizing bits of the bazaar culinary culture lost to its dwindling populace. He took up distilling as a passion project, promising to restore pride in regional homebrewed spirits, after seeing hooch of inferior quality reduced to being called ‘Cactus Piss’. His newly trademarked nopales moonshine brand, Lichyard Libations LLC, has been growing steadily as he spreads its local legend far and wide. On the side, he also runs a smoothie brunch spot and comedy club out of his Funny Flat in the Sultana’s Breath.

Pakeke Pake is a boyish woman in her thirties from Thanalan who grew up across the country, moving from region to region as the years went past. She loves her country so much she hates it and grew up during a period of political upheaval, some ten years before the Calamity, which may or may not have inspired rebellious behavior which definitely does not correlate to a criminal record. These days, she trades crystals with the Eorzean tribes on behalf of the Ashcrown Consortium, runs her own bar known as Desert's Refuge, and undertakes weaving leves from time to time for extra income. In her spare time, she's occasionally worked as an adult literacy teacher in the slums of Ul'dah.Jun Szeto drew art of us! Isn't it cute?

By Jimikat, Pakeke doin' the classic Ruckus Hatswipe

OOC Expectations

  • Immersive setting: In other words, treat being here like having your RP tag on! As a courtesy, please don’t use teleport or queue for duties within the venue. Use (( )) to indicate when you are not speaking In-Character.

  • Open RP: We encourage you to use /say chat for an inclusive communal feel, but if you'd like to keep private conversations to /tells, you can also use the back area for added privacy.

  • Open Stage: Anyone is welcome to use our stage for musical barding, poetry, or storytelling - Lore-friendly entertainments & folksy vibes are appreciated!

  • +18 SFW : We're all adult here, and mature subject matter is welcome, though Ruckus would certainly appreciate it if you saved your hanky-panky for alternative establishments.

  • No spoiler-free guarantees. The world is assumed up-to-date with Dawntrail MSQ continuity. Please don't roll up expecting acknowledgement as the Warrior the Light. We wouldn't know 'em if we saw 'em.

  • Be courteous. Please respect each other. In-character drama is A-OK, we may ask you to take a bar brawl outside, but if you've got an issue with another player, that should be handled privately.

  • New to Roleplaying, or just a first timer in the venue and want a bit more direct conversation? Hit us with a tell and let us know. We'll be happy to meet you where you're at and give you plenty of time to introduce yourself. Just observing? Feel free to relax and enjoy the vibes!

  • Looking for more help with Roleplaying Tips? Our friends at The Kweh blog have recently published some articles about overcoming common RP anxieties! Check 'em out here!